Social commerce by definition is omni-channel.

Social media is the biggest discovery channel for brands, products and services. Around 48% of the world’s population is active on some kind of social media platform.

With such a massive pool of audience being available at your disposal, marketers need to be proactive on grasping attention of their audience in this 1 click world where 89.61% people have an attention span of >10 secs and only 9.42% have an attention span > 5 mis.

Your Creator and/or Influencer + Content plan has to be on point to help the audience experience your brand/product on a social media platform and end up purchasing the product through their channel of choice in a single path of purchase.

Here are five critical insights to understand and act on today.

30% of eCommerce companies are already selling on social media, and 12% plan on selling through social media platforms in 2021. (Statista, 2021)

54% of Gen Z shoppers and 58% of Millennials agree that social platforms are better than online searches for finding out about new products. (Statista, 2021)

People that use social media to access educational and inspirational content, like livestreams and stories, are eager to buy on social platforms. (GWI, 2020)

27% of global internet users rely on social media to find products to purchase. (GWI, 2020)

Social commerce sales are predicted to value $605 billion by 2027. (Statista, 2021)

At Ovonts we are about making influencer marketing and social commerce strategy magical with our full stack influencer marketing and omni-channel social commerce enablement software solution.

With Ovonts marketers can search and analyse creators & competition ,automate the painful and messy process of outreaching & working with creators and partners, enable omni channel commerce and measure campaign performance real time. It’s a very integration friendly stack that can connect to your entire marketing and commerce stack to optimize for business outcomes in the most cost effective way.

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