Pre-built AI components

Ovonts empowers businesses and developers with a comprehensive suite of AI tools designed for building, deploying, and managing explainable generative AI applications.

Decision-making agent SDK : Analyzes data, reasons about situations, and recommends actions based on goals.

  • Democratize data access: Empower non-technical users to unlock valuable insights from databases.
  • Boost data exploration efficiency: Formulate complex queries quickly and easily with natural language.
  • Improve data analysis accuracy: Reduce errors associated with manual SQL code writing.

In-App AI Agents framework: Extend AI Capabilities Beyond Structured Data

  • Automate repetitive tasks within various applications.
  • Enhance user experience with intelligent assistants within workflows.
  • Integrate seamlessly with existing tools and platforms.

AI-Enabled Text Editing:Autocompletions, insertions/edits, and auto-first-drafts for any input 

  • Real-time Autocomplete: Eliminate repetitive typing and typos with context-aware suggestions for words, phrases, and even entire sentences. This significantly boosts typing speed and reduces time spent on mechanical writing tasks.
  • Intelligent Grammar and Style Checking: Go beyond basic spellcheck. AI can identify and correct grammatical errors, suggest stylistic improvements, and ensure consistent tone and voice across your writing. This minimizes the need for manual proofreading and revisions.
  • Smart Summarization and Fact-Checking: Summarize lengthy documents and web pages in seconds, extracting key points for faster information retrieval. AI can also fact-check information, saving you time and ensuring the accuracy of your writing.

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