Task automation

Efficiently complete, generate, and prioritize tasks, while also providing contextual interfaces for tools, file systems, documentation and more.

Task management

Generating, managing ,prioritising and reprioritizing tasks in the task list.

Works on the set of tools connected to Ovonts.

Task execution & execution context

Processes and completes tasks leveraging next generation AI models and propereitary frameworks.

With execution context external execution environment (tools, file systems, etc.) are being handled at scale.

Memory management

Manages memory storage of the system and handles both short-term and long-term memory.

With memory management necessary memory and context for task execution is being taken care of.Capability to memorise and regurgitate what ovonts memorises is also handled.

Security & safety

Monitors and maintain ethical and safety standards based on pre set rules.

Human aligned task automation is a key focus and is handled with security and safety capabilities.

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