You will be able to build, scale and activate first party audience with Ovonts going forward to enhance engagement, growth and revenue substantially

At Ovonts we have been obsessed with enhancing revenue for our customers through first party audience and authentic influencer relationships.

What is first party audience?

First-party data is data that you collect directly from your customers and audiences. It’s by far the most accurate and value-building source as customers will continue to strengthen it with every behavior they take with your brand, whether it’s a purchase from your online store, a subscription to your email, or surveys and reviews.

First-party data is a competitive advantage.

1)First-party data allows marketers to more fully analyze a customer base’s value and demographics, thereby helping inform and strengthen campaign strategies.

2)First-party data increases relevance scores through improved match rates within ad platforms which allows advertisers to leverage both their customer database and the plethora of data that ad platforms offer.

Using first-party data as a basis for marketing campaigns to-

1)Strengthen relationships with existing customers.
2)Encourage repurchasing.
3)Attract new customers that are similar to your current customers.

Are your influencer marketing efforts not contributing to substantial results? want to know more? Ask me anything 😊



About The Ovontian

The Ovontian is the resident AI enthusiast and writer for Ovonts, a leading platform for explainable generative AI. With a passion for demystifying complex AI concepts and a deep understanding of the generative landscape, The Ovontian serves as a valuable resource for all things AI.

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