Influncer Marketing

is a well accepted channel of marketing today, it is not as sophisticated as brand marketing and not as technical as performance marketing which gives it an edge and popularity in context.

With evolution of creator economy and social commerce influencer marketing will take newer shapes in days to come as this channel will evolve further with immense possibilities as we move more towards a privacy first world.

Around 48% of the world’s population is active on some kind of social media platform, 54% of users also follow their favorite brands, browsing their social media platforms to make purchase decisions.

Influencers—those with large social media followings—play a huge role in a customer’s decision-making process nowadays. Brands have the power to collaborate with influencers and drive a sustainable stream of new customers towards their products and services.

The majority (77%) of marketers say micro influencers top their list of ideal influencers, shortly followed by macro influencers (64%)

So what makes your influencer
marketing program effective?

An unbiased discovery mechanism to discover & identify contextually relevant influencers everytime.

Tools to automate the messy process of creator relationships and content creation in collaboration with internal (your team) and external ( outsourced partner teams) stakeholders to keep the content & strategy in context.

measure full funnel marketing metrics across the spectrum ( top of the funnel e.g. CPM, CPE, etc., middle of the funnel e.g. CPC, etc. and bottom of the funnel e.g. CPA, etc.)

Leverage the data ( content & audience data) generated through the program for audience exploration and optimization.

We at Ovonts are just building this. Our propereitary platform is a full stack influencer marketing and omni channel social commerce enablement solution designed for marketers to deliver creator, content and commerce programs at scale with increased efficiency upto 50%. Request a demo with us today and see @ovonts unify in action. YOUR INFLUENCER MARKETING PROGRAM NEEDS AN UPGRADE.

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