Workload Infrastructure

The Ovonts Workload Infrastructure goes beyond simply deploying AI applications. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools designed to optimize the entire AI development lifecycle, from training and prompt engineering to efficient workload management, all while prioritizing security and ubiquitous deployment

Training Pipelines:

  • Streamlined Training Process: Move beyond manual configuration. Ovonts’ Workload Infrastructure automates the training pipeline, allowing you to define training parameters, manage data sources, and schedule training runs with ease. This reduces development time and ensures consistency across training iterations.
  • Hyperparameter Tuning: Find the optimal settings for your AI model. The infrastructure utilizes hyperparameter tuning techniques to automatically explore different parameter combinations and identify the configuration that yields the best performance for your specific task.
  • Distributed Training Support: Scale your training capabilities. Ovonts’ infrastructure seamlessly integrates with distributed training frameworks, enabling you to leverage the power of multiple GPUs or machines to accelerate training for complex AI

Advanced Prompt Engineering Tools

  • Effortless Prompt Creation: Craft effective prompts to guide your generative AI model. Ovonts’ platform provides a user-friendly interface for creating and managing prompts. You can leverage pre-built templates, explore different prompt variations, and fine-tune prompts based on your desired outputs.
  • Real-time Prompt Feedback: Gain insights into prompt effectiveness. The infrastructure provides real-time feedback on the quality and relevance of your prompts based on the generated outputs. This allows you to iterate and refine your prompts for optimal results.
  • Large Language Model Integration: Harness the power of pre-trained LLMs. Ovonts’ platform integrates with various large language models (LLMs) as a foundation for your prompts. This allows you to leverage the vast knowledge and capabilities of these models to create effective prompts for your specific use case.

Workload Optimization and Management:

  • Resource Allocation and Scaling: Ensure efficient utilization of computing resources. The infrastructure intelligently allocates resources based on your workload requirements and scales automatically to accommodate fluctuating demands. This optimizes cost and performance.
  • Model Monitoring and Performance Tracking: Keep track of your AI model’s health. Ovonts provides comprehensive monitoring tools that track model performance metrics (accuracy, precision, recall) over time. This allows you to identify potential issues and optimize the model’s performance.
  • Containerization and Version Control: Ensure reproducibility and maintainability. Ovonts leverages containerization technology to package your AI applications and their dependencies. This simplifies deployment, version control, and ensures consistent behavior across environments.

Secure Ubiquitous Deployment and Maintenance Tools

  • Secure Enclaves and Access Controls: Deploy your AI models in secure enclaves to protect sensitive data and intellectual property. Ovonts’ infrastructure implements robust access controls to ensure only authorized users can access and manage your AI applications.
  • Cloud-Agnostic Deployment: Deploy your AI applications on your preferred cloud platform (AWS, Azure, GCP) or even on-premises infrastructure. Ovonts’ platform provides a consistent deployment experience regardless of the underlying infrastructure, offering flexibility and control.
  • Automated Model Updates and Rollbacks: Simplify AI model updates and rollbacks. Ovonts’ infrastructure automates the deployment of new model versions and allows for seamless rollbacks in case of issues, minimizing downtime and disruption.

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