Advancing Workflows with Explainable Generative AI

We’re shaping the future of human-machine interaction with context-aware, explainable, and collaborative generative AI. This empowers businesses to automate tasks, make smarter decisions, and unlock groundbreaking possibilities.

NL-SQL Agent

Interact with structured data environments using natural language to extract insights and take action.

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In-App AI Agents

Go beyond structured data. This framework lets AI agents interact with real-world environments (tools, platforms, databases, text, etc.) to power AI applications across workflows.

Advanced AI Toolkit

Handle real-world data complexities, reasoning, collaboration, zero-halucination and explanations . This ensures trusted, responsible and groundbreaking AI.

Workload Infrastructure

Our adaptable infrastructure handles AI workloads across environments efficiently, securely and cost-effectively.


Making the Impossible Possible, Unlocking Value for Every User.



Automate tasks, optimize processes, and gain data-driven insights to achieve a significant competitive edge.


Build, deploy, and manage custom AI applications with ease. Leverage Ovonts' infrastructure and explainable AI for faster development and more transparent solutions.

Government & Defense Agencies

Enhance security, streamline operations, and gain deeper situational awareness with explainable AI.


In-app virtual assistants to supercharge workflows for daily life e.g. e-commerce shopping assistant.

Strategic partners

Build innovative applications, collaborate on Applied AI research to deliver quantifiable impact on humanity.

Discover how businesses and individuals are leveraging Ovonts

Improved investment decisions

Improved investment decisions for a financial insights application:10X faster time to insights improving user experience, investment decisions and workflows significantly.

Improved plant maintainance workflow

Descrptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics to optimize plant maintanance workflow by 1-3% for a large manufacturer.

Powering understanding of ‘WHY‘ behind business changes

Empowering users understand the ‘WHY’ behind business changes which was not available earlier to improve decisions significantly

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    Learn More About Our Applied AI Research Breakthroughs

    Ovonts actively contributes to the Applied AI community. We make open-source contributions and research emerging technologies to shape the future of context-aware, explainable, adaptable, efficient, and secure generative AI.

    We are on a mission

    Democratizing Generative AI and empowering the future of human-machine interation to supercharge workflows.