Powering custom AI agents that reason

Ovonts AI agent platform for developers and businesses helps build and deploy custom AI agents that reason, fuel data-driven decisions and automate tasks across tools, platforms and devices- transforming human-computer interaction.

Pre built AI agents and intuitive low code tools.

Today we have designed a customizable pre-built text-SQL agent that can connect to all structured data sources to reason, fuel data-driven decisions and power insight-led and/or rule based task automations.

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Reasoning engine powered by neuromorphic principles.

Powers enhanced holistic reasoning capabilities for our pre- built AI agents enabling our AI agents reason, understand and learn in real world scenarios.


Insights and automation focused.

We design for applications that powers improved insights and automation use cases with enhanced engineering capabilities.

Deployment flexibility – across cloud, on-premise and devices

We power custom AI agents that can be deployed anywhere with data security as a first class citizen.


Designed for everyone who works with data

Business users

Query your applications and systems in natural language. Get answers, casual analysis and actionable insights without tne need of any complex technical expertise.

Data leaders

Make a data strategy for your users that can be brought to life faster, streamline tedious data tasks and focus on key outcomes for your teams and users alike.

Business leaders

Make better decisions to improve revenue for your business. Improve work across key functions empowering your teams.

Technology partners

Let your users interact with your applications, platforms and systems in natural language, add a new AI feature to improve adoption and/or revenue.

Consulting partners

Let your clients interact with their applications and systems in natural language with a new AI service offering.

AI agents and intelligent systems powering Ovonts

NL-SQL agent

Its cognitive capabilities extend to the adept comprehension of natural language queries, adept identification of relevant schemas and data tables, adept construction of SQL queries to deliver natural language response.

SQL optimization system

Here the propereitary system takes an iterative approach to deliver optimal query outputs for accurate and cosistent responses.

Automated data modelling

We are building for AI powered automated data modeling to enrich metadata, discover relationships, and measure data quality, while quickly onboarding data stores.

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Making insight led influencing a reality

    A differentiated solution for cross-source answers, insights and automation.

    The solution is simple, smart and enterprise ready – designed to leverage the right data at the right time, deliver accurate and consistent AI outputs with optimal utilisation of resources.

    We are on a mission

    We are on a mission to give the power of natural language and dialogue to applications and systems so that humans can achieve more than they do today.