Why businesses struggle with influencer marketing and content ROI?

Marketing, revenue and product teams struggle to correlate how content drives business outcomes, understanding content performance and optimizing it real-time helps drive superior ROI as high as 1000%, however understanding content needs superior understanding of insights throughout the content lifecycle across social and digital touchpoints. Three critical needs to enable commerce with content.

Consumer engagement throughout increasingly fragmented buyer journeys. While commerce is everywhere, marketers don’t always have the full picture of consumers’ paths to purchase as buyer journeys are fragmented across platforms, channels and devices.

Relevant, useful, and seamless personalized experiences. Once marketers reach the right audience, they need to ensure their marketing and advertising brings utility to their audience. Areas of interest include but not limited to.

Safe and secure first-party and zero-party data activation across the buyer journey. Data privacy and security is of the utmost importance in today’s world while serving informed consumers.

So understanding content and influencer marketing campaigns needs holistic insights across the content lifecycle (creation, distribution and monetization) capabilities at the intersection of social and digital touchpoints ,connecting creator, content and audience -personalizing experiences anywhere.

Creation – For creating contextual content everytime there is a need to implement an insight-led content creation framework with strategic insights around who your audience are? which influencer do they follow? what kind of content do they consume?

Distribution- For distribution of content you need strategic insights on which platform, channels and devices they leverage to consume content ? Who is the next potential buyer? which content to amplify to inspire purchase? Which channel to leverage to deliver content?

Monetization – To monetize content, your content should inspire  purchase reducing transactional friction for your audience this need deep insights on your audience journey to identify moments – personalizing content experience anywhere – powering purchase.

Your audience has to be exposed to your content not once or twice ( exposing to your content once or twice makes the audience aware of your brand/product/ service). According to rule of 7, your audience has to be exposed to your content at least 7 times to take action inspired by your content- although with decreasing attention span every day ,the more they are exposed to your content in a personalized way the friction to purchase reduces- delivering superior business outcomes at scale.

Feel good content is only 20% of your mix whereas 80% of your mix is performance-led content – correlating content to business outcomes is the need of the hour as in 2023 content is a revenue channel and not an awareness channel only.

How to measure business outcomes? – There are two major ways as of today-

1) Performance marketing outcomes-

2) Brand marketing outcomes-

Influencer marketing and content campaigns are complementary and together unlock the content commerce opportunity for marketing , revenue, e-commerce and customer teams – establishing personalized content as the next top revenue channel delivering optimal ROI as high as 1000%.

We at Ovonts are focused and committed to build an unified offering that delivers superior ROI with influencer and content campaigns ,driving revenue 10X for forward thinking businesses across the globe- unlocking content commerce opportunity for brands.

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