Why your social media content creation efforts are not driving results?

With 4.55 billion active social media users globally, that’s 9.9% higher than last year, meaning 400 million new people signing up for at least one social media account within the last year. The numbers depict the size of an active audience base available at your leverage and you need to communicate with this audience effectively and continuously.

Communication by definition is divided into two parts – listening and speaking, for listening we need to understand data and for speaking we need an efficient content creation process.To be effective at your communication you need to listen efficiently and drive content creation with context at the forefront, engaging audience at scale.

A subjective approach to your content creation efforts can be super dangerous as it will miss context but an informed approach ( powered by a combination of 1st party and 3rd party data sources ) will help you be contextual – everytime.

Social media by design is converged media, human to human( not brand to human) and content is all about context , this should build the fundemental of your content creation process.

The Semrush State of Content Marketing 2022 report found that 53% of companies are creating content for the middle of the funnel stage, 35% for the top of the funnel, and 22% for the bottom of the funnel. The report further stated that 25% of companies created content for retention.

Almost 34% of content creators and marketers plan their content creation strategy 1-2 months in advance, 27% of them plan it 3-4 months in advance, and 15% plan it 3-4 weeks in advance. This was found in HubSpot’s State of Media and Content Planning Report 2022.

So now the question is how to engineer your content creation efforts drive results as per your goals?

1) Approach content creation the informed way taking industry intelligence, competition intelligence and audience intelligence into consideration.Create an informative and relevant atmosphere
2) Stay planned on your content creation efforts, with clear directions, avoid use of industry jargons and approach content creation with minimalism at heart.
3) Leverage LIBs and/or links to associate with your content to convert followers to traffic and then customers organically, do not make your content sellsy but storytelling way.
4) Repurpose your content and put it on multiple mediums for optimized content creation strategy.
5) Provide data sources for credibility.
6) Drive influencer partnerships at scale for content creation (60% beleive influencer-generated content performs better than branded posts source: influencer marketing hub).#socialmedia#communication#strategy#intelligence#content#contentmarketing#partnerships#engineer#planning#media


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