Why marketing needs to be connected in today’s world?

Companies are trying to predict growth in an unpredictable macro environment. The economy is down, the market is volatile, socio-political issues are raging, and the dust is still settling on hybrid work. Every week, there’s a new twist or turn.

humans /individuals are more connected than ever with access to multiple devices and services (phone, internet, desktop, apps, TV, etc.) The more connected devices and services people have in their lives, the more they live in a state of constant connectivity.

Marketers must help build companies that aim to create value with and for the connected individual, not from them.

Marketers must respect the digital sovereignty of the connected individual, so that in turn they will offer informed access to their lives – and by extension, access to their attention and their data.

There are 5.03 billion internet users and 4.7 billion social media users (Statista)

There are 6.64 billion smartphones being used today. ( bankmycell)

As of the first quarter of 2021, the number of apps on Google Play Store were 3.48 million.
To be precise, 3,739 apps are added to the Play Store every day.( appinventiv)

With growing options individuals are getting more and more connected however if marketing is in silos the customer will get disconnected and the price to be paid for this can be too much.

Connected Marketing means customer activation by personalized, relevant, and branded content, delivered in the right moment by a responsive, interdisciplinary, and empowered marketing organization that can execute at scale through adequate marketing technology.

The 11 Principles of Connected Marketing –

1. Treat your brand as the combination of physical, digital, sensorial and emotional experiences
2. Find ways to merge and synchronise those brand experiences
3. Understand the connected individual and focus on meeting their needs or solve their problems.
4. Clearly define the role that you play in the lives of your target audience(s)?
5. Know when, where, and how to engage the connected individual throughout their journey.
6. Combine experiences and channels to enable the individual to do what they want on their terms.
7. Personalise your brand experiences to the individual.
8. Focus on ways to reduce friction in the lives of connected individuals and in the ways they engage with you.
9. Find ways to be of service to the connected individual; create value for and with individuals, not from them.
10. Earn and maintain trust, respecting the individual’s digital sovereignty, so that they give you informed access
to their data.
11. Commit to mastering the technology needed to serve the connected individual

Marketing is no longer linear; all channels must be orchestrated around the customer and their individual journey to power 3 limbs of digital marketing.

Moving to Connected Marketing a Must in the Digital-First World. #marketing#technology#connected


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