Is Your Influencer Marketing Roi Measurement Still A Pain ?

Influencer marketing is great as a marketing
channel however without the right stack in place
your influencer marketing program becomes
operation heavy, risky and too much output
driven and not outcome driven.

Influencer ROI Is The Biggest Challenge For Brands Running
Influencer Marketing Programs.

4 Out Of 5 Businesses Who Uses Influencer Marketing Can Not Prove ROI.

42% Have Only A Limited Ability To Measure Performance Across Multiple Social Media Channels.

47% Of Brands Struggle To Convert Followers Into Customers.

78% Of Marketers Rate ROI As The Number 1 Challenge


The good news is YES with social
analytics and orchestration technology
(OT), Ovonts has the power to solve it
once and for all.

With social analytics marketers can track top of the funnel metrics like CPV (cost per View), CPM (cost per mile), CPE (cost per engagement) etc and with OT marketers can track middle of the funnel metrics like CPC (cost per click) , etc. and bottom of the funnel metrics CPA (cost per action), etc. You can derive your EMV (Earned Media Value) too for future reference.

Now the question is even if there is a possibility
for measurement of ROI how do we optimize for business outcomes?

OT doesn’t stop at measurement, it can further help you with custom conversion events tracking and audience segmentation , retargeting, remarketing and conversion rate optimization (CRO) enabled by it’s capabilities and Integration readiness powering a single source of truth (SSOT).

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