E-commerce & retail brands today need to market and sell their products wherever their consumers are.

We stay in a connected world today. Consumers are connected today more than ever across platforms, channels and devices spending 6.37 hours on the connected internet consuming content, messaging, shopping and more across social, online, mobile and offline.

Today’s consumers demand their Instagram interaction with to be reflected on email marketing and their D2C channel interaction to reflect on physical experience- powering 1:1 personalization across the entire lifecycle across platforms, channels and devices.

But this connected world is creating newer challenges for modern retailers.

1) Consumer journeys are fragmented which makes it impossible to correlate how marketing efforts are driving business outcomes holistically.

2) Personalized communication and commerce experiences across touchpoints is limited because of data silos within the retail organization.

As global retail spend is set to reach $6.3T by 2024 with consumer experience at the core Omni-channel retail customer experience is the only way boosts sales at scale & faster. In fact, using three or more channels can increase orders by nearly 5 times. Omnichannel shoppers also spend 10% more online and 4% more in store compared to single-channel shoppers.

This retail customer experience strategy isn’t just a nice-to-have — 72% of shoppers say they will only reply to retail marketing messages if they’re personalized, and 36% of customers say retailers need to personalize the shopping experience even more. It’s clear that brands have their work cut out for them in 2023.

Retail is a fast-moving industry, so brands have to stay on top of the latest trends to stay ahead of the competition and deliver winning experiences at scale to drive revenue growth.

Retail consumer experience is cumulative – it is formed over many interactions. When one of these interactions is unsatisfactory or goes in a different direction to the one that’s expected,  it can negatively affect the overall consumer experience.

The average ROAS today in e-commerce is 2.87. With sub optimal ROI it’s difficult to build sustainable retail businesses especially for modern and important brands.

Want to solve the problem and deliver targeted unified and relevant personalized communication and commerce experiences through the consumer journey?

We at Ovonts are building the most comprehensive platform for marketers and product owners to power contextual content, influencer marketing and personalization automation improving efficiency, revenue and customer experience.

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